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EUPHOR is a complete chemical regulation compliance management designed to secure your position in regulated markets while reducing your investment of time and money in your chemical compliance projects.
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“EUPHOR was the perfect software solution to help us manage our chemical registrations. We see it as an essential tool to ensure 100% accurate and on-time substance registration dossiers.”

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Find out how EUPHOR can help you successfully comply with complex global regulations such as the REACH compliance program.

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Robust Web-Based Application
Easy-to-Read Dashboards
Automatic Alert System
Secure Data Sharing & Filing

EUPHOR is a compliance management solution designed specifically for chemical companies working to meet the deadline for global regulations such as REACH 2018. EUPHOR offers an automatic alert system, secure data storage and sharing, an easy-to-use dashboard interface, and practical tools for project management and collaboration.

Available in both web-based and on premise versions, EUPHOR is designed to streamline, manage, and track REACH compliance projects. However, it will also work for chemical regulation compliance in general. This robust compliance project management solution will be your go-to tool for all compliance program management.

“We are so excited to be using EUPHOR within our company. It truly is an innovative, robust and intuitive software solution that can easily be expanded beyond the REACH compliance regulations.”

“EUPHOR is in a sense another person who keeps track of your projects and does all the background work. This way my team can focus on higher level activities and and actual data collection.”

“EUPHOR is like an app on your phone. It is very easy and quick to set up and ready to use. It also requires no training to get the maximum benefits out of the solution.”

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Can Chemical Compliance Software Keep You Doing Business Globally?


Chemical regulations around the world are becoming more demanding. EUPHOR can help you achieve compliance.

“No data, no market” is the rule, and failure to meet compliance deadlines such as that for REACH 2018 could threaten your access to global markets and leave you facing bad press and even legal sanctions. Chemical regulation compliance is challenging, but xTensegrity’s EUPHOR chemical compliance software can make it possible for your company.

EUPHOR handles REACH and similar compliance project management and makes it easy to collaborate and track progress toward chemical regulations compliance. Some regulatory compliance software just provides information. EUPHOR provides the tools your team needs for success.


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