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EUPHOR chemical compliance management software is the product of a collaboration between our parent company, xTensegrity, and client companies which manufacture specialty chemicals.

EUPHOR was developed by Product Stewardship professionals for Product Stewardship peers after realizing too many Product Stewardship departments still rely on a mix of spreadsheets, emails and SharePoints to complete their substance registration and notification dossiers.

Ranked among the 2016 Most Promising Chem Tech Solutions, EUPHOR provides an innovative and customer-centric solution to the challenges presented by today’s complex regulatory environment. EUPHOR supports any specialty chemical sectors (polymers, petrochemicals, agrichemicals, cosmetics, surfactants) required to register or notify their substances under regulatory regimes such the EU-REACH, K-REACH, or Turkey CICR.


Our mission is to provide you with an innovative and user-friendly compliance management platform to successfully sustain and expand your business presence in highly regulated markets.

Our goal is to turn the challenges inherent to today’s complex regulatory environment into opportunities for process enhancement and increased efficiency.

With EUPHOR, you can be confident that your dossiers will be accurate and completed in the appropriate time frame.

Since EUPHOR includes project management and document storage as well as the functionality of other chemical compliance management tools, you can have peace of mind as you work through the challenging process of compliance with relevant regulations.


With an increasing number of chemical regulations coming into force, it has become very difficult for manufacturers to manage and track their registration projects.

Although chemical regulations vary from one country to another, they all share ECHA’s mantra: “No Data, No Market”. As a consequence, the inability to accurately plan and track registrations can result in organizations losing the opportunity to conduct business in those regulated markets.

Thanks to EUPHOR, all data and tasks related to substance registrations are centralized in a single platform. This helps you plan your compliance activities, store key information and collaborate seamlessly with internal and external teams. By adopting EUPHOR, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that nothing will get missed. EUPHOR ensures sustained access to regulated markets.

Combined Knowledge

EUPHOR was designed in partnership with Specialty Chemicals companies. Combining their Chemical Industry and Regulatory Affairs knowledge with our team’s technology expertise, we created a unique and practical compliance management platform.

Problem Solvers

We understand the complexity of global compliance requirements. We also understand that different companies face different challenges. This is why EUPHOR was designed to be easily adapted to your specific compliance and regulatory needs.

Forward Thinking

An increasing number of governments are adopting REACH-like regulations. When designing EUPHOR, we made sure our platform could be adapted to help you meet the requirements of all the regulatory regimes that affect you.

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