Meet EUPHOR at GlobalChem Conference 2017

Global Chemical Conference in Washington DC by SOCMAEUPHOR, Global Compliance Management Software, is proud to sponsor the upcoming GlobalChem Conference. Our team will be presenting and exhibiting at Booth #11 from February 22 to February 24 in Washington, DC. 

Join EUPHOR’s VP of Operations and Product Development, Ankur Saxena, on the first day of conferences Feb. 22 at 1:30 p.m. as he will be conducting a presentation on How to Successfully Address the Impacts of global REACH-like Regulations? Audience will gain a perspective regarding how digital solutions can help with the management and monitoring of global compliance activities.

To set-up a meeting or demo during the show, contact
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About GlobalChem: 

For over 30 years, GlobalChem has been the chemical industry’s premier policy and regulatory conference of its kind. Each year, this annual gathering of industry professionals offers a valuable opportunity to review key developments in the global chemicals management arena while looking ahead to some of the most pressing issues the industry faces. GlobalChem 2017 will include discussions about LCSA Implementation, Risk-Based Chemical Regulation, Sustainability, Chemical Management in the Value Chain, REACH 2018, Canadian Chemical Management Plan (CMP) and much more. 


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Web-based or On-premise Chemical Compliance Solutions?

Ready to useChemical compliance solutions come in a number of different flavors. Some alert you to new substance reports, others allow you to track substances of high concern through your supply chain. EUPHOR provides full chemical compliance project management to get you to global compliance. But when you’re trying to choose the best option for your company, there’s one question that can be decided before you start making comparisons within the software’s features: on-premise or web-based?

This questions affects chemists, project managers, decisions makers, and support staff, so it makes sense to consider the options early in your decision-making process. EUPHOR is available either as a web-based solution, or as an on-premise solution.

On-premise solutions

On-premise solutions are installed on one or more desktop computers in your offices or on a mobile device for members of your team who need to use a laptop or tablet more often than a desktop machine. However, each instance of the software is separate from the others. If your project manager wants to check on alerts, he will need to go to his computer to do so. If a chemist wants to upload a file, she will need to go to a device that has the software installed and upload the file — and the file will be on that device only, not on all the computers with that software installed.

Many facilities prefer premise-based solutions, because they allow you to stay in control of access. Your data stays in your IT system, and users must have physical access to your computers to access your data.

Web-based solutions

Web-based solutions, also called cloud-based, are different from on-premise solutions, because every authorized user can access the same information at any time. Alerts show for everyone who logs in, on any device with internet access. Files are available to all authorized users, wherever they are. Reports can be uploaded and accessed by all authorized users on any device, at any time.

That means that project management can be handled from the solution dashboard. It doesn’t require your project manager to track down all the data silos and check in with everyone. Files can be uploaded by the people in the field, whether that’s a chemist at a workstation in your lab or a remote worker testing somewhere along your supply chain with a mobile device. Time zones don’t matter, because the software is always in sync.

On the other hand, data can be accessed by anyone with log-in credentials, even if they don’t have access to your facility.

Security concerns?

Some people feel more confident with on-premise solutions because they worry about security. Security is a valid concern, but on-premise software is not always more secure than web-based software.

The most common source of security breaches is not an online attack. It’s the worker who leaves the door open and the computer on when he goes to lunch. It’s the receptionist who trustingly gives information over the phone. It could even be you, if you keep your passwords on a sticky note on the corner of your monitor. For both on-premise and web-based solutions, security issues are most often the result of human error, not of hacker masterminds.

On-premise solutions could theoretically have world-class security, if your company has world-class security. For most SMBs, world-class security is not a practical option. Frank Gillett of Forrester Research put it like this: “Using cloud services means that your data is better protected than if most of us tried to manage it on our own…Large-scale services are all much better than we are at avoiding data loss from gear failure, keeping software up to date, upgrading hardware, and constantly improving security.”

Bottom line: Security issues for on-premise and web-based solutions are about the same. The big question is whether you are prepared to take full responsibility for the security issues, or if you’d prefer to leave that worry to the software company you choose to work with.

Benefits of web-based software and on-premise software

Web-based solutions are typically faster to implement, require less up-front investment, and offer at least the same level of security as on-premise options. On-premise solutions give you complete control and may be more cost-effective over time, depending on the specific software solution you’re considering.

EUPHOR believes in giving clients the choice between cloud-based or on-premise solutions. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs with you and help you implement either form of EUPHOR’s compliance management solutions.

Consider EUPHOR to streamline and empower your global compliance projects management. Contact us for a live demo.

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Keeping Up with Chemical Regulations

One of the challenges in chemical regulation compliance management is simply keeping up with changing regulations. Some chemical regulation compliance management software does nothing but alert you to changes, and that can be a time saver.

But regulatory compliance for chemicals is not the same as for tax law or HIPAA compliance. It is not always just a matter of seeing the new regulations and following a simple protocol.

For REACH compliance, for example, companies are responsible for identifying substances requiring compliance, working with others manufacturing or importing the same substance, preparing joint registrations, and so on. The process is not a question of waiting for a list or update. The burden is on your organization.

Accurate identification of substances is key. There must also be a plan for testing and data allowing determination of risks to human beings or to the environment. Collaboration is required, and registration may require risk management plans if the substances in question are already identified as “of concern.”

In other words, the process is complicated. It makes sense that it should be complicated. The stakes are high, and getting things right is extremely important in the context of chemical management. That’s why it’s not enough just to be aware of regulatory changes.

EUPHOR chemical compliance management solution is different. It provides a project management component that helps you keep up on the entire process from start to finish using a single, central platform. A user-friendly dashboard lets everyone involved see the process. The clear visual presentation makes it easy to see at a glance what’s on track and the next action steps required. Automated workflow generation based on current regulations or on your own plans keeps the process as simple as possible and keeps you in the loop.

EUPHOR also makes it easy to upload, store, and share data. This feature allows you to keep all the information together and readily accessible. Other key features include automatic alerts and reminders, pre-generated queries, an so much more. To find our more, tour the product and see how Euphor can make a difference for you.

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Chemical Compliance Survey

Thanks for taking the time to answer our survey!

Our goal with this Chemical Compliance Survey is to gain a better understanding of your activities and the topics you would like to learn more about as we approach the beginning of 2017.

Since the holiday season is also about giving back to the community, we decided to donate $5 to the charity One Laptop Per Child for each survey completed before January 15th. 

chemical compliance survey donation to one laptop per child

One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit association whose mission is to empower children through technology. The association aims to provide children in the world’s poorest regions with a low-cost and connected laptop. With this laptop, children can learn, share, connect and create together.


Please correct any required fields and submit again.
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How many people work within your company's Product Stewardship/Regulatory Affairs department?
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If you graded your previous answer below 3, briefly explain why you are unfavorable to registration software solutions?
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Share the Chemical Compliance Survey with colleagues or via LinkedIn to help us raise more money!  

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REACH 2018 Webinar Summary: Updates, tips and business case

reach 2018 webinar on demand banner echa chemicals

EUPHOR, in partnership with ECHA and Elementis Specialties, held a live REACH 2018 Webinar on July 13th. If you’ve missed the live event, don’t worry, here is a link to the on-demand version and a short summary of each presentation. Email us at if you have any questions!

On Demand Webinar Schedule a Demo

The REACH 2018 deadline is the perfect example of how today’s regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex and labor-intensive. Finding the time and resources to meet the requirements and monitor the progress of each registrations can be pretty overwhelming.

How does one track hundreds of tasks? How can a team collaborate efficiently across an organization and its external service providers? There’s got to be a better way to manage your compliance programs, right?

You need answers, and we’ve got them!

REACH 2018: ECHA’s Updates & Support

By Laura Walin, Directorate REACH Registrations, ECHA

Mrs. Walin started off by stated to challenges inherent to the last phase of REACH. The 2018 deadline is affecting a much bigger proportion of SMEs than the previous phases. These SMEs will often have little to no experience when dealing with global regulations and will for the most part take one registrations as lead registrants. Another challenge of REACH 2018 lies in the numbers of substances affected. ECHA expects to receive many more registration dossiers than what was submitted for 2010 and 2013 combined. Finally, because REACH 2018 affects small quantities of substances, information is less available and companies will have to generate new data.

Next, Mrs. Walin focused on how ECHA is helping companies go through the registration’s steps. Most tools (support, help desk, latest news and webinars) are available on ECHA’s website at ECHA’s support strategy is based on its REACH Roadmap (see below) for which the agency has developed specific supporting and guidance materials. ECHA also recently released the latest version of REACH IT tools, IUCLID 6 and REACH-IT, making sure they were more user friendly and easy to set-up.

reach 2018 roadmap echa

To conclude, Mrs. Walin shared key messages to remember. First, organizations are not alone in this process. Although challenging, REACH registrations are manageable and companies can seek the help of ECHA, national authorities and industry organizations. She suggests to start as early as possible in order to meet the May 2018 deadline. Finally, it is recommended to implement an on-going REACH program that will permit to easily keep registrations up-to-date, especially passed the 2018 deadline.

BUSINESS CASE: How Elementis has been able to manage and monitor their registrations in a more efficient and confident manner?

By Stelios Kouvroukoglou, Product Stewardship Manager, Elementis Specialties

Elementis Specialties offers high technology additives and technical service for high performance markets. The organization is focused on developing and marketing novelty chemistry around the world. This signifies that Elementis has to comply with REACH regulations as well as the regulations of many other countries. It also means that most of the registrations has to be done as Lead Registrant.

As the Product Stewardship Manager of Elementis, Mr. Kouvroukoglou is directly involved with REACH registrations on a daily basis. He explained that REACH 2018 has been really challenging for his team has the number of registrations has gone from only 23 registrations in 2013 up to 131 for 2018! Each registration requires 100s of tasks and the collaboration of various persons internal and external to Elementis. This, in addition to limited resources, makes it hard to manage and track registrations and make sure nothing gets missed.

This is why Elementis decided to partner with our firm and implement EUPHOR. EUPHOR has allowed them to make their registration processes streamlined and worry-free. Using a single, user-friendly platform, Mr. Kouvroukoglou is able to track the status of each registration, monitor everyone’s tasks, share and receive important documents, and plan activities coming ahead.

solution to reach - organized team work - management registration

Mr. Kouvroukoglou adds that EUPHOR has allowed his team to let go of the complex Excel spread sheets and free up resources to handle actual data collection tasks necessary to build strong dossiers. Finally, when sharing his person sentiment about EUPHOR, Mr. Kouvroukoglou said it is a very easy to use system that has given him the peace of mind that dossiers will be ready on-time and on-budget. He also likes to have access to all relevant document in one single place and be able to collaborate with his registration team seamlessly.

EUPHOR’s Vision: Take advantage of REACH 2018 to implement robust IT Compliance platforms

By Sujay Keshavamurthy, Director of Product Development, EUPHOR

IT is increasingly called upon to provide organizations a set of tools to gain a greater situational awareness and control over Global Compliance. Surveys have shown that the demand for IT solutions for chemical control management will continue to increase in the coming year.

The main factors behind this increasing demand are the countless controls imposed on the chemical industry. Most countries have now implemented legal frameworks affecting chemical-based products (EU-REACH, K-REACH, China REACH, etc.). This creates an unstable business environment where product stewardship professionals must track numerous laws while managing all the activities involved within each program.

At EUPHOR, we strongly believe that Compliance departments should benefit from appropriate IT solutions, just like Finance, Sales, Marketing and R&D do. Regulatory projects should not be managed manually, there is too much at stakes. Remember ECHA’s mantra, “No Data, No Market”.

This is why EUPHOR was created, to streamline compliance processes across organizations. EUPHOR helps users save time and money, track the status of their registration instantly, meet the deadlines, improve collaboration among internal and external stakeholders and safely share and store data to facilitate future audits and other regulatory programs.

REACH 2018 global compliance road relax

Sujay concluded the webinar by stressing the fact that REACH is not a one-time operation. It impacts the way organizations do business and approach regulatory requirements in the long run. At EUPHOR, we suggest that organization take advantage of REACH 2018 to lay the foundation for on-going compliance processes that will help in the long run.

To view the full REACH 2018 webinar or schedule a demo, click the buttons below.

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EUPHOR launches its Global Partnership Program

banner v2 partner partnership program

Hamilton, NJ (May 30th, 2016) – EUPHOR, the Compliance Management Solution developed by software firm xTensegrity, launched its Global Partnership Program today. Two types of partnerships are available in order to better support partners’ goals and business models as they adapt their approach to global compliance management and look for ways to add value to their services.


Available to Service Providers and IT Consultancy firms servicing the chemical regulatory sector, this program offers on-demand customization for companies who wish to go beyond EUPHOR’s out-of-the-box framework. EUPHOR’s IT teams will work with partners to shape EUPHOR and build add-on modules (e.g. South Korean, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, etc.).

With this program, Implementation Partners can take advantage of all the pros of in-house software development (flexibility, customized solution, company’s specific branding), leaving all the cons behind. Other benefits include fast deployment and implementation, partner-special licensing fees, and on-going technical training and support.


This program is specifically aimed at Compliance Service Providers and IT firms who wish to add value to their services through digitalization. Partners can offer EUPHOR along with their existing services to increase customers’ satisfaction and create new revenue streams. Value-Add Resell Partners are exclusive in the markets they serve and will benefit from attractive revenue-sharing rewards. Other benefits include ongoing marketing and sales support and technical support.

The launch of the Global Partnership Program comes as the chemical regulatory environment is continuously more complex making it challenging for compliance officers to confidently track and manage their activities without adequate IT tools.

For more information concerning EUPHOR’s new Partnership Programs, visit

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