EUPHOR: Platform for Compliance Management

An Interview of EUPHOR’s Co-founder, Ankur Saxena

AnkurA large proportion of middle-market companies in the chemical sector lack experience in complying with global regulations and have limited resources allocated to compliance. These organizations, however, have to be compliant with the current and final phase of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restrictions of Chemicals (REACH), as substance compliance has become a necessity in order to secure business in the international markets. REACH aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through a better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. Established in Hamilton Township, xTensegrity’s EUPHOR is a web-based Registration Management System (RMS) tailored to REACH compliance regulations and is available on either cloud or premise. “EUPHOR is an intuitive and user friendly application which fuses our customers’ chemical landscape knowledge with our software expertise,” begins Ankur Saxena, Co-founder of EUPHOR and Head of Sales of xTensegrity.

There’s a burgeoning obligation for companies to implement compliance monitoring systems, but many are struggling to migrate from memory, paper and excel based systems that are now inadequate. A globally extended trade particularly requires a solution which comprises of key components idealized to embrace many administrative functions. EUPHOR helps organizations manage, collaborate, and track their registration projects, and ensure accurate and successful submission of REACH dossiers. The application encompasses key components like automated workflow, easy to read dashboard, traceability and dynamic configurability. “With EUPHOR, not only the product stewardship and compliance teams can make sure their registration dossiers are accurate, on time and on budget, they can ultimately secure the organization’s position in the market,” affirms Saxena.

The 2018 REACH deadline is comparatively challenging to the earlier deadlines of 2010 and 2013. The volumes of substances that need to be registered are more and perhaps the numbers of customers that need to follow the process are even more. Each substance goes through a number of data points and tests before a dossier is prepared to register the substance. They use traditional procedures that lack in traceability, automation, document repository, and monitoring functionalities and results in resource-intensive and disparate processes multiplying the risk of errors and missed activities throughout the process. This is where EUPHOR plays a big role by providing a single automated platform to manage all the registrations.

For instance, Elementis Speciaties, a specialty chemical company which offers high-value functional additives to many markets was assessing the registration requirements for REACH 2018. They realized that their previous approach to registration projects was manual and complex, and would be incompetent for the scope of REACH 2018 regulations. EUPHOR aided their internal and external compliance teams in ensuring that each registration project was on time and budget. It provided them with the comfort of knowing that their dossiers would be accurately and successfully submitted.

There’s a continuously growing concern for human health, safety, environment protection, sustainable development and data transparency, it is expected that many other countries will adopt strict compliance regulations like REACH. “EUPHOR was initially designed to meet the immediate REACH 2018 challenge, but it is customizable and robust enough to be applied to other REACH like legislation,” states Saxena.

In the near future, EUPHOR will develop modules in its current application to offer its customers a complete set of tools to efficiently manage and track their registration programs. This will enable their clients to manage their entire global compliance program on a single platform. “Our vision is to avoid poor project management as it can hurt an organization in a continuously evolving regulatory environment,” concludes Saxena.

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EUPHOR Recognized by CIOReview

EUPHOR by xTensegrity Recognized Among 20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solution Providers 2016 by CIOReview

Hamilton, NJ, February 19, 2016 – EUPHOR by xTensegrity makes it to CIOReview’s top Chemical Tech Solution Providers list for its expertise in helping customers to enhance productivity by ensuring that strategic compliance functions work faster, cheaper and better.

The annual list showcases the 20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solutions for 2016. The positioning is based on the evaluation of xTensegrity’s specialties in conceptualizing,architecting and implementing innovative solutions like EUPHOR allowing customers to transform complex regulatory processes into opportunities for enhanced compliance management and to take their business to the next level. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Review’s editorial board to recognize and promote Technology Entrepreneurship.

EUPHOR Top 20 certificate

EUPHOR by xTensegrity has been selected after being evaluated across more than a dozen quantitative and qualitative elements. Experts have made the decision by taking into consideration xTensegrity’s experience in delivering innovation software solutions to their clients, industry recognition, technical certifications, market presence and positive client reviews.

“xTensegrity has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in the Chemical Industry with EUPHOR, their most recent solution, and we are happy to showcase EUPHOR this year due to the solution’s excellence and robustness in delivering top-notch industry-driven solutions,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor, CIOReview. “EUPHOR breaks new ground benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

About EUPHOR and xTensegrity: 
Incorporated in 1997, Xtensegrity has a has a strong focus on ERP implementation & support, Information Management & data archiving, and compliance management. EUPHOR, a web-based compliance management system, was designed in collaboration with Specialty Chemicals companies to fulfill the need for an intuitive solution allowing better management and tracking of complex compliance programs. For more information, visit  

About CIOReview: 
CIOReview constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to tech business. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, its editors choose the best in different domains. Chemical Tech Solution Special Edition is an annual listing of 20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solution Providers 2016 in the U.S.

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