The final deadline for REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is coming up in less than a year. Many SMEs are still working toward registration of substances. Once this process is well underway, however, there are still updates to...

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REACH Dossier Updates Are Normal

 ECHA head Geert Dancet spoke with the European Parliament's Environment Committee (Envi) last week and used some strong words about chemical companies' ongoing responsibilities under REACH. Regular dossier updates, he said, should be considered "normal." Article...

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REACH Deadline Frustration

Who among us has never felt frustration with a deadline? Chemical Watch reports that companies working toward the REACH 2018 deadline are experiencing plenty of frustration, according to trade organizations. Companies that have already submitted dossiers find that...

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TSCA Challenges

The LCSA updates to the TSCA have been bringing up lots of conversations, but it's not completely clear how they'll affect manufacturers and importers. A recent survey within the chemical industry identified the challenges chemical companies are preparing for as the...

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Turkey’s KKDIK Published

Turkey's REACH-like chemical regulations, known as KKDIK, have been published and will go into force before the end of the year. KKDIK deadlines According to ChemSafetyPro, the regulations will take effect on December 23, 2017. The new regulations have been known as...

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Vietnam’s New REACH-like Chemical Regulations

Vietnam is about to roll out new chemical regulations. The new chemical regulations have a lot in common with REACH, the European Union's chemical regulations. Like REACH, Vietnam's regulations require manufacturers and importers to declare the chemicals they're...

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