K-REACH Updates Make Registration Easier

K-REACH, South Korea's REACH-like chemical regulation system, has backed off in order to make registration of chemicals easier for the South Korean market.The K-REACH updates are focused on reducing data requirements and making it easier for co-registrants to work...

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REACH 2018 and the Electronics Industry

REACH is a reality for every company planning to manufacture or to import chemicals or articles made with chemicals to the EU. "No data, no market" is a slogan of the chemical regulation initiative, and that announcement shows the level of determination involved. But...

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REACH 2018 Cost Sharing

ECHA has published several practical examples to help you comply with REACH 2018 by the May 31 deadline. Most of these examples are in the form of PDFs available in a number of languages. At the same link, there is also a series of video tutorials for the IUCLID...

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Global REACH?

REACH 2018 refers specifically to the chemical regulations regime for the European Union. But many nations around the world are using REACH as their inspiration for their national chemical regulations. For companies participating in the European market, REACH 2018...

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REACH 2018 Anniversary

It's been 10 years since REACH 2018 was unveiled, and the final deadline is fast approaching. The European Environmental Bureau is giving REACH mixed reviews. First, the EEB points out the big steps REACH has taken: The strength of the "no data, no market" position is...

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How will the United Kingdom manage chemical regulations as they leave the European Union? One option is to come up with a new, British regulatory system. A new survey of 100 members of the Alliance of Chemical Associations finds that 70% believe that separate UK...

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