Are New Chemical Regulations Discouraging Innovation?

The U.S. chemical regulations regime, TSCA, was updated in 2016. Now, with nearly a year of hindsight, some in the chemicals industry are concerned that the new regulations are discouraging innovation. This is not a new controversy. Many manufacturers and lawmakers...

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Korea REACH Data Sharing

Korea REACH (K-REACH) is Korea's REACH-like chemical regulation system. Like other REACH-like systems, K-REACH works to align its goals and systems with EU REACH. Recently, Korea and the EU are beginning to work toward data sharing. Some data sharing agreements in the...

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REACH 2018 Step 7

REACH 2018's cheery blue ladder of steps to compliance starts with Step 1, Know Your Portfolio, and ends with Step 7, Keep Your Registration Up to Date.But that REACH 2018 Step 7, though it may look like it's the same size as the others, is quite different. Once you...

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Turkey’s REACH-like Chemical Regulations

Turkey is expected to release REACH-like chemical regulations soon. The regulation is called KKDIK as an acronym for the Turkish translation of "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals." The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization(MoEU)...

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REACH Compliance for Cosmetics Companies

As the REACH 2018 deadline draws near, cosmetic companies are beginning to feel concerned. Cosmetics companies are almost always downstream users of substances, and they are covered by a different set of regulations. Specifically, REACH doesn't cover consumer exposure...

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REACHing the Finish Line

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a ten-year program for registering, describing, and evaluating risks to humans from thousands of substances sold in the European Union. Prior to REACH, many substances were assumed to be...

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