Take advantage of our innovative Compliance Management Solution and choose EUPHOR as your key Chemical Compliance Partner.


EUPHOR provides an innovative approach to Global Compliance Management. In addition to having been developed “by product stewardship, for product stewardship”, EUPHOR is also the only software solution available on the market specifically designed for the Chemical Industry to manage complex compliance projects (REACH, K-REACH, Taiwan Regulations, Turkey REACH…).

We want to take our Chemical Compliance Partners to the next level by enabling the digitization of their regulatory compliance processes. As a partner of EUPHOR, not only will you implement a streamlined approach to compliance, you will also keep your Global Regulatory Activities under greater control and add value to your service mix.

To suit our partners’ goals and business models in the best way possible, we offer two types of partnership programs:

Implementation Partners and Value-Added Resell Partners.


Building IT solutions in-house are costly projects which require months of programming work. Why wasting time, labor and money when EUPHOR is readily available? Although EUPHOR was primarily designed for EU-REACH Registrations, our team of IT experts will work with you to shape EUPHOR based on the specific regulations your clients are affected by, using EUPHOR’s existing framework.

  • Co-development of a customized EUPHOR module to fit your clients’ compliance needs
  • All the pros of in-house software development without the cons
  • High flexibility and input during the customization phase
  • Fast deployment and implementation
  • Partner-special licensing fees
  • Company’s branding tied into EUPHOR
  • Technical training and support

This partnership program is available to all Service Provider firms servicing the chemical industry and regulatory sector (compliance service providers, regulatory consultancy firms, legal support firms, IT consultancy organizations, software companies, etc.) and looking for a customized software solution to succeed against today’s compliance challenges.

EUPHOR’s pricing is a yearly license fee based on the volume of substances the organization has to register. We require a minimum of 50 substances to be eligible for the Implementation Partnership Program. Contact our team for more details.


Incorporate EUPHOR compliance management solution into your existing services to add value to your offerings, increase your customers’ satisfaction and create a new revenue stream. Our Value-Added Resell Partners are exclusive in the market they serve. With this program, our partners can sell EUPHOR to their clients as part of their services and take advantage of attractive revenue-sharing benefits.

  • Authorization to resale EUPHOR
  • Exclusivity in your geographic market
  • Revenue-sharing benefits
  • On-going Marketing, Pre-Sales support (demos, webinars, presentations) and Post-sales (customer service, installation, help center)
  • Technical training and support

This program is available to Service firms who wish to offer EUPHOR to their customers as part of their existing service packages. Service firms include any compliance service and regulatory/legal consultancy firms as well as IT & Software organizations. To ensure customers’ satisfaction, all our Value-Added Resell Partners are taken through a simple approval process.

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