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Our goal with this Chemical Compliance Survey is to gain a better understanding of your activities and the topics you would like to learn more about as we approach the beginning of 2017.

Since the holiday season is also about giving back to the community, we decided to donate $5 to the charity One Laptop Per Child for each survey completed before January 15th. 

chemical compliance survey donation to one laptop per child

One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit association whose mission is to empower children through technology. The association aims to provide children in the world’s poorest regions with a low-cost and connected laptop. With this laptop, children can learn, share, connect and create together.


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Part 1
How many people work within your company's Product Stewardship/Regulatory Affairs department?
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Which registration/notification programs is your organization impacted by?
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How do you manage and track your registration and notification activities?
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How favorable are you about adopting software solutions to manage and track your compliance activities?
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If you graded your previous answer below 3, briefly explain why you are unfavorable to registration software solutions?
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