As you consider different compliance software options, there are some features that are extremely important. These are the features that you will miss the most if you choose software that doesn’t have it. It’s as though you were buying a boat. A spanking fresh coat of paint and a jauntily carved figurehead might catch your eye, but you’re going to regret buying that boat if it turns out to have neither sails nor a motor.

It makes sense to make a list of the essential features when you’re researching compliance management software. We’ll be sharing our list with you. The first must-have feature is data storage.

Document Storing for Compliance Software

  • Safety is the main reason for prioritizing data storage when you make your software purchase decision. “No data, no market” is the motto of Reach 2018, and all chemical regulations compliance centers on data. Losing files is not an option. So having the files in one place is essential. Secure data storage within your compliance software environment means that you will not lose that precious data. That level of confidence is next to impossible as long as your data is in a range of spreadsheets in multiple information silos.
  • Sometimes data may be stored in a safe place — but finding it later is a challenge. If files might be on any one of a number of different computers or data repositories, putting your hand on the right file during an audit may be challenging. Having data files stored as part of the compliance workflow makes them easy to retrieve when they’re needed in the future. Make sure, when you’re researching software options, that you get a clear understanding of how data storage and access work. Will it be easy for all collaborators to access the files they need quickly and easily?
  • Change is certain. Your software should be designed to help facilitate possible transitions, such as mergers or change of staff. Many of us have been in a situation where some one individual had all the information. Any question that came up could be answered by, “Ask Jean!” — until Jean retired. At that point, finding and organizing stored data became a serious problem. Good data storage solutions help avoid that kind of problem.

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