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Hamilton, NJ (May 30th, 2016) – EUPHOR, the Compliance Management Solution developed by software firm xTensegrity, launched its Global Partnership Program today. Two types of partnerships are available in order to better support partners’ goals and business models as they adapt their approach to global compliance management and look for ways to add value to their services.


Available to Service Providers and IT Consultancy firms servicing the chemical regulatory sector, this program offers on-demand customization for companies who wish to go beyond EUPHOR’s out-of-the-box framework. EUPHOR’s IT teams will work with partners to shape EUPHOR and build add-on modules (e.g. South Korean, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, etc.).

With this program, Implementation Partners can take advantage of all the pros of in-house software development (flexibility, customized solution, company’s specific branding), leaving all the cons behind. Other benefits include fast deployment and implementation, partner-special licensing fees, and on-going technical training and support.


This program is specifically aimed at Compliance Service Providers and IT firms who wish to add value to their services through digitalization. Partners can offer EUPHOR along with their existing services to increase customers’ satisfaction and create new revenue streams. Value-Add Resell Partners are exclusive in the markets they serve and will benefit from attractive revenue-sharing rewards. Other benefits include ongoing marketing and sales support and technical support.

The launch of the Global Partnership Program comes as the chemical regulatory environment is continuously more complex making it challenging for compliance officers to confidently track and manage their activities without adequate IT tools.

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