One of the challenges in chemical regulation compliance management is simply keeping up with changing regulations. Some chemical regulation compliance management software does nothing but alert you to changes, and that can be a time saver.

But regulatory compliance for chemicals is not the same as for tax law or HIPAA compliance. It is not always just a matter of seeing the new regulations and following a simple protocol.

For REACH compliance, for example, companies are responsible for identifying substances requiring compliance, working with others manufacturing or importing the same substance, preparing joint registrations, and so on. The process is not a question of waiting for a list or update. The burden is on your organization.

Accurate identification of substances is key. There must also be a plan for testing and data allowing determination of risks to human beings or to the environment. Collaboration is required, and registration may require risk management plans if the substances in question are already identified as “of concern.”

In other words, the process is complicated. It makes sense that it should be complicated. The stakes are high, and getting things right is extremely important in the context of chemical management. That’s why it’s not enough just to be aware of regulatory changes.

EUPHOR chemical compliance management solution is different. It provides a project management component that helps you keep up on the entire process from start to finish using a single, central platform. A user-friendly dashboard lets everyone involved see the process. The clear visual presentation makes it easy to see at a glance what’s on track and the next action steps required. Automated workflow generation based on current regulations or on your own plans keeps the process as simple as possible and keeps you in the loop.

EUPHOR also makes it easy to upload, store, and share data. This feature allows you to keep all the information together and readily accessible. Other key features include automatic alerts and reminders, pre-generated queries, an so much more. To find our more, tour the product and see how Euphor can make a difference for you.

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