EUPHOR is the only chemical compliance management solution designed by product stewardship for product stewardship. It is a robust solution which combines the chemicals industry experience, compliance knowledge and technology expertise required to successfully comply with complex compliance regulations such as REACH 2018.

Keep Projects on Target
Save Time and Costs

EUPHOR allows you to manage and monitor your entire REACH program. By letting EUPHOR do all the background work, you and your team can focus on higher level activities, saving time and costs.

Improve Communication
& Collaboration

With features such as document sharing, role & task assignment and an automatic alert system, EUPHOR enhances collaboration among all the parties involved throughout the registration process.

Secure Business Continuity
in Regulated Markets

With EUPHOR, you know your registration dossiers will be 100% accurate and successfully submitted. Ultimately, EUPHOR is a necessary tool to ensure business continuity in regulated markets.


  • Efficiently manage your compliance program in one centralized place from start to finish.

  • Collaborate easily with internal and external cross-functional registration teams.

  • Assign specific roles to each stakeholder and keep them engaged through an automated alert system.

  • Identify at-risk projects with dashboards giving you an instant 360 view of your compliance program per substance, at business unit level and enterprise level.

  • Trace and record all activities involved within your REACH program to facilitate future audits, REACH-like compliance projects and business analysis.


EUPHOR helps you and your registration team manage and track your entire REACH program from start to finish. EUPHOR ensures your registration dossiers are 100% complete and submitted on time and on budget.


EUPHOR will save you hours of research, monitoring time and reporting. With EUPHOR, you can keep track of all your client’s registrations and know which area requires your immediate attention. 

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