Ready to useChemical compliance solutions come in a number of different flavors. Some alert you to new substance reports, others allow you to track substances of high concern through your supply chain. EUPHOR provides full chemical compliance project management to get you to global compliance. But when you’re trying to choose the best option for your company, there’s one question that can be decided before you start making comparisons within the software’s features: on-premise or web-based?

This questions affects chemists, project managers, decisions makers, and support staff, so it makes sense to consider the options early in your decision-making process. EUPHOR is available either as a web-based solution, or as an on-premise solution.

On-premise solutions

On-premise solutions are installed on one or more desktop computers in your offices or on a mobile device for members of your team who need to use a laptop or tablet more often than a desktop machine. However, each instance of the software is separate from the others. If your project manager wants to check on alerts, he will need to go to his computer to do so. If a chemist wants to upload a file, she will need to go to a device that has the software installed and upload the file — and the file will be on that device only, not on all the computers with that software installed.

Many facilities prefer premise-based solutions, because they allow you to stay in control of access. Your data stays in your IT system, and users must have physical access to your computers to access your data.

Web-based solutions

Web-based solutions, also called cloud-based, are different from on-premise solutions, because every authorized user can access the same information at any time. Alerts show for everyone who logs in, on any device with internet access. Files are available to all authorized users, wherever they are. Reports can be uploaded and accessed by all authorized users on any device, at any time.

That means that project management can be handled from the solution dashboard. It doesn’t require your project manager to track down all the data silos and check in with everyone. Files can be uploaded by the people in the field, whether that’s a chemist at a workstation in your lab or a remote worker testing somewhere along your supply chain with a mobile device. Time zones don’t matter, because the software is always in sync.

On the other hand, data can be accessed by anyone with log-in credentials, even if they don’t have access to your facility.

Security concerns?

Some people feel more confident with on-premise solutions because they worry about security. Security is a valid concern, but on-premise software is not always more secure than web-based software.

The most common source of security breaches is not an online attack. It’s the worker who leaves the door open and the computer on when he goes to lunch. It’s the receptionist who trustingly gives information over the phone. It could even be you, if you keep your passwords on a sticky note on the corner of your monitor. For both on-premise and web-based solutions, security issues are most often the result of human error, not of hacker masterminds.

On-premise solutions could theoretically have world-class security, if your company has world-class security. For most SMBs, world-class security is not a practical option. Frank Gillett of Forrester Research put it like this: “Using cloud services means that your data is better protected than if most of us tried to manage it on our own…Large-scale services are all much better than we are at avoiding data loss from gear failure, keeping software up to date, upgrading hardware, and constantly improving security.”

Bottom line: Security issues for on-premise and web-based solutions are about the same. The big question is whether you are prepared to take full responsibility for the security issues, or if you’d prefer to leave that worry to the software company you choose to work with.

Benefits of web-based software and on-premise software

Web-based solutions are typically faster to implement, require less up-front investment, and offer at least the same level of security as on-premise options. On-premise solutions give you complete control and may be more cost-effective over time, depending on the specific software solution you’re considering.

EUPHOR believes in giving clients the choice between cloud-based or on-premise solutions. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs with you and help you implement either form of EUPHOR’s compliance management solutions.

Consider EUPHOR to streamline and empower your global compliance projects management. Contact us for a live demo.

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