Incorporated in 1997, xTensegrity is a leading IT solutions provider. One of our main area of service is to develop customized solutions based on our clients’ needs. Our latest solution, EUPHOR, is specifically designed for the Specialty Chemical industry to succeed against the challenges of today’s global regulatory environment.

The company also has a strong focus on ERP implementation and SAP, PeopleSoft and NetSuite solutions’ support. We also provide IBM Optim expertise in implementation, resell and support of solutions in the fields of Test Data Management, Archiving and data privacy.


As a leading IT Solutions provider, xTensegrity has delivered more than 500 Product Releases and Solutions to customers. We are a Channel SAP and NetSuite Partner, and a Premier IBM Partner. Xtensegrity’s leadership team has an average of 17+ years’ experience in ERP, Information Management and Solutions space, and a network of trusted partners

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and communication facilities, xTensegrity is unique in our ability to help customers enhance productivity by ensuring that vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. Our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new solutions allow customers to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.


Customized Solution Development


ERP Implementation and Support

SAP, PeopleSoft and NetSuite

Information and Data Management

IBM Optim

Products and Framework

Adage – Solutions for Agencies, InfoSeek – Search and report tool for IBM Optim

Solutions & Framework

xTensegrity offers custom solutions to Agencies, Healthcare and Chemical industries.

ERP Practice

ERP Partner with a Global practice for implementation, Roll-out, Upgrade & Application Management Services (AMS). Established pool of SME that help in deploying regulatory/tax/compliance solutions across the customer’s solution portfolio. Formalized partnerships with accounting organizations to assist in areas such as Multi-GAAP/IFRS. Pre-Configured solutions and Integrations for Project-Centric Businesses (Media, Consulting Services, Service Providers, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations).

Information Management Practice

Global Data Management practice on OPTIM / Guardium™. Tightly integrated with IBM software engineering and sales divisions. Resources with expertise in OPTIM / Guardium™. IBM Certified sales, pre-sales, training and technical professionals. Our consultants have participated in large scale OPTIM™ implementations with various applications.

Analytics Practice

xTensegrity Analytics enables our customers to engage with data to respond to their toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. InfoSeek is a web-based solution designed to provide easy, efficient, user-friendly and secure access to archive files generated by IBM InfoSphere Optim. Working together, Optim enables IT organizations to decommission applications quickly and InfoSeek empowers end business users to query archived data without assistance.

  • ERP Implementation – 18 Years
  • Information Management – 15 Years
  • Analytics – 12 Years
  • Data Privacy – 15 Years

“The xTensegrity team is very attentive to our needs, and we consider them as a valuable business partner.”

CEO, Digital Marketing Agency

“The xTensegrity team is flexible and listen to our concerns. They were able to tailor the solution to our exact need.”

IT Director, Hospital Network

“We evaluated many companies’ technology and service levels. xTensegrity’s offering was the most impressive.”

CEO, Global Chemical Company

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